With different levels of cleanliness at your finger tips, feel fresh again inside your vehicle!

A quick vacuum and wipe down in the Basic Service is great between full detail sessions to keep it looking great. Been awhile since your interior has seen some love? Our Silver Service will get those pesky stains out, clean up that center console and a full dash and crevice cleaning. Has it been a long winter and those carpets looking like they have seen better days? Spring for the Gold Service for a full stain and hot water extraction service and seat treatment.

  • Truck/SUV/Minivan
  • Thorough Vacuum
  • Dashboard & Crevices
  • Center Console
  • Windshield & Glass
  • Stains Steam Cleaned
  • UV Protectant Applied
  • Hot Water Extraction
  • Leather Treatment
  • “Wow” Factor
  • Basic Interior Detail
    • $45+ for Truck/SUV/Minivan
    • Vacuum Seats & Carpet
    • Dashboard Wipedown
    • Center Console Wipedown
    • Interior Glass Cleaned
    • Leather Optional Add-on (+$15/30)
  • Gold Interior Detail
    • $125+ for Truck/SUV/Minivan
    • Vacuum Seats & Carpet
    • Dashboard & Crevices Cleaned
    • Center Console Cleaned
    • Interior Glass Cleaned
    • Steam Cleaned (as needed)
    • Non-glossy UV Protectant Applied
    • Carpets & Mats Hot Water Extracted
    • Leather Cleaned & Conditioned (if available)